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Hanover Medical Centre

Family Planning and Maternity Care

Family Planning and Maternity Care

If you are planning to start a family or have an unplanned pregnancy we offer comprehensive attention to your needs.

Pre- conceptual advice
We can help you optimise your chances of a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. If you are having difficulty in conceiving we offer advice , investigations and will refer to specialist fertility centre as needed.

Pregnancy Test
Urine test or blood test if needed

Antenatal Care
Our doctors monitor your health and the development of your baby throughout your pregnancy. Antenatal care can help detect and identify possible problems with your pregnancy or the pending birth so that action can be taken to avoid or treat them.

Antenatal care is usually done in combination with your preferred hospital. After your initial visit with us you may apply to the HSE to avail of the mother and baby maternity scheme which pays for your routine scheduled antenatal checks ups and two post natal checks.

Postnatal Care
Our doctors will continue to monitor you and your baby after giving birth. The baby should have a routine check up at 2 weeks and both Mother and baby reviewed again at 6 weeks post delivery.

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