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Hanover Medical Centre



New fee structure as of 1st May 2019 Fee in Euro
GP Doctor Consultation 70
Extended consultation (30mins and over) 100
Nurse consultation 40
Blood test 40
Review appointment 40 – 70
STI 120
Swabs 35
Minor injury treatment 100 – 140
Suturing 150
Full Health Check 250
Private smear & HPV 175
Minor surgery 200
Implanon insertion 125
Implanon removal 145
IUD Insertion (Initial consultation & swabs required prior to insertion appintment) 200
Prescription repeat 25
Late cancellation or non attendance* 35


* Late cancellation means less than 2 hrs notice. 

* Early morning appointments should be cancelled by 5pm the day before.

All consultations incur a charge. If you have had blood tests taken, you will be asked to make a review appointment to discuss the results with your GP.